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My Book will soon be out. Drowning Kittens and Road Gods will soon be available in many bookstores. If you wish you can order it by mail. Send a check or money order for $12.00 (that includes postage and handling) to: Paul Angelosanto, 3 Walsh Ave., Stoneham, Ma. 02180

Boldly Going Where Few Interviewers Have Gone Before, Astro Al Interviews Paul Angelosanto!


Interview with Myself


The Season of Passage

The Web's first interactive epic poem



"The Channel Surfer"
"He Who Tells"



New! A Blade of Grass
New! Pithy Philosophical Sayings, Epigrams, Mini Poems, and Detritus
New! Out
New! Stygian Shoreline
New! Mother's Day
Licking up your bloody remains
V is for Vague
Aqua Pura
Me and You Kid
AI's Adventures in Space
The Poet Who Did Know It
The Last Days of October
Towards the Shore
Scene From A Brief Encounter
Strange Attraction
Hymn to the Way You Used To Make Me Feel
Remembering Myrna Loy



Paul Close-Up
Paul Illuminated
Paul's Graveyard Vigil
Paul Meditating Over Candles



New England Rocks


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